M’sians ask Australia – Can We Exchange Nine Convicted Strippers For One Sirul?


KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysia’s foreign affairs dept today admitted it had been in talks with Australian diplomatic officials keen to negotiate the quick release of the Australian F1 spectators currently in police custody for stripping down to their Jalur Gemilang briefs at the F1.

“If Canberra’s negotiators are in a hurry get their boys back, perhaps there’s something the Aussies can offer us in return?” said foreign negotiations expert, Abdullah Bin Bakar.

“Australia has held convicted murderer and former PM bodyguard, Sirul Azhar Umar, at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre for over a year.  Perhaps if we offer the safe return of their nine F1 strippers in exchange for our convicted murderer, we may finally get Sirul back to face charges in Malaysia.”

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