Inspired By PM, Mugabe Launches 1ZDB

Though Mugabe had no official business with our PM, Najib is obligated to pose in pictures with the Zimbabwean President under the terms of the visiting third-world-leader no-agenda expensive foreign junket exchange programme.

PUTRAJAYA:  After a surprise 45-minute meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday, President Mugabe announced he was so impressed after learning of the Malaysian leader’s brainchild wealth fund, he would soon launch a Zimbabwean one of his own.

“Having a One Zimbabwean Development Board (1ZDB) will be the perfect way to enrich our impoverished nation and win our own 2018 election,” explained Zimbabwean Democratic Minister Of Ballot Stuffing, Dr Trustworthy Fineface,

“President Mugabe who is officially in perfect health, was on his way to Singapore for one of his regular medical treatments.  You can tell he valued his time talking to Najib as he spent more than his typical 30 minute Presidential working day talking to him!”

As part of the visit, Malaysian motivational speaker Dr Azizan Osman was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy from Zimbabwe’s University of Zambezi.

It is understood Malaysia’s Finance Minster also received inspiration from his brief meeting with President Mugabe.  This month’s budget will feature the introduction of a Malaysian One Hundred Trillion Ringgit note to facilitate cash payments to Sabah water infrastructure officials.


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