Non-Election Budget 2017: PM Wishing He Hadn’t Returned Saudi Donor Money


PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Prime Minister ruled out tabling an election budget this year, with insiders confirming Najib is secretly regretting he returned US$620m of the US$681m Saudi donor money which would be very useful today.

“That returned US$620m could send some bright students on scholarships, provide essential healthcare, delay subsidy cuts on essential items, or boost the economy with further stimulus,” a source confirmed.

“But for whatever reason Najib returned 80% of the unconditionally given donor money in his personal account because it was ‘not utilised’ even though he didn’t have to.   The poor PM must be kicking himself! ”

Budget 2017, built on rock-solid economic forecasts, is expected to carry the nation forward until it has to be invariably revised in a few months, like last year’s budget, and the one before.

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