Singaporean Hipsters Say RM20 Johor Entry Fee Still Not Enough To Look Cool Being Seen There


SINGAPORE:   For many years, Singaporeans have escaped their country’s oppressive crime-free cleanliness, and endless queues by fleeing to neighboring Malaysia.   In a friendly ‘tit for tat’ response to Singapore’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for Malaysian cars, our government will introduce a long-awaited RM20 entree fee for Singaporean vehicles entering via the causeway.

“Why does Malaysia want to charge me RM20 to visit?” a Singaporean grumbled, “I was going to complain it’s over eight Singaporean dollars until I remembered the low ringgit makes it only six.”

“I will still visit Malaysia,” said another Singaporean, “being robbed at the causeway instead of in Johor like I normally am will take some getting used to!”

Singapore property investors have been rushing to invest in Malaysian Iskandar properties. Many have left tissue packets on the doorstep of their chosen properties in an attempt to reserve them.
Singapore property investors have been in such a rush to invest in Johor Iskandar properties, many have left tissue packets on the doorstep of their chosen homes in an attempt to reserve them.

“How can any cool Singaporean be seen in a place with a six dollar cover charge?” a hipster complained, “If anyone I knew saw me in Malaysia now, I think I would die of shame!

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