Govt Launches TN50 By Hitting Snooze Button


PUTRAJAYA:  In a special ceremony this morning, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak officially announced the first step towards Transformasi Nasional (TN50) by hitting the snooze button on the Vision 2020 development clock.

“TN50 is a bold undertaking fitting of a truly visionary PM who isn’t Tun Mahathir,” said an attendee, “now we can do away with outdated 1991 buzzwords like ‘mature democratic society’ and replace them with cutting edge phrases like ‘new mindset,’  and ‘caliber nation state.’

“Most importantly, TN50 is based on goals which can’t be measured, unlike Vision 2020’s outdated obsession with Malaysians attaining a higher income.”

In a separate statement, time travelers from 2048 confirmed their embattled PM just buried former leader Najib Razak’s legacy by hitting the TN50 snooze button after announcing Sinergi 2080.

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