China Invites Najib’s Cats To Join Family In Beijing


BEIJING:  Today China officials requested Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s family pets be flown over to Beijing this evening to join his wife and sons for the remainder of their week-long official China working visit.

“The Chinese government invited the PM and his family as part of the mutual strengthening of ties,” a source confirmed, “but upon learning Najib was heartbroken to leave his cherished feline friends at home, Beijing officials insisted his pet cats join the PM’s wife and sons as part of the Chinese traditional emphasis on strong relationships.  How could we possibly refuse?”

While some may question the PM's son Rizal Mansor joining his delegation, many his house pets such as Mat Manja is house trained and skilled in international business negotiations.
While some question why Najib’s son, Riza Aziz joined the PM’s China delegation, his house-trained cat Mat Manja is to negotiate East Coast Railway financing options with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet cat, Chairman Meow.



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