Peaceful Bersih Rallies Bad For Business, Say Tear Gas Suppliers

KUALA LUMPUR:  Local eye irritant manufacturer, Tears Today Gone Tomorrow Bhd, announced poor sales results this weekend, saying Bersih 5 participants should take responsibility for their good behaviour by compensating the company for its business losses.

“Malaysia doesn’t have nearly as many violent rallies as we would like,” said Marketing Manager, Abdullah Bin Bakar, “Bersih protests may be our only chance to make a fair living.  Peaceful demonstrations might be good for food and drink vendors, but for us in the riot control business, it’s a disaster!”

“How are we going to make our revenue targets now?  Protesters never think of the consequences their actions have on hard working tear gas manufacturers like ourselves.  Couldn’t they have jumped over some barriers and misbehaved even a little?”

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