“The Govt Shut Another News Portal!” Screams Man With Ad Blocker


PETALING JAYA:   28-year-old Kevin Kok, who spends 30 minutes a day reading free news on his iphone and laptop with ad blockers turned on, today blasted the government for shutting down yet another website dedicated to providing thought-provoking, independent news.

“First the Malaysian Insider was shut by the government for ‘commercial reasons’, and now another site employing talented writers,  The Heat has closed down too!” Kok fumed,

“The Heat say it’s because of ‘business reasons’ but we all know the truth, the government is intimidating these portals out of business!   Soon the only thing we Malaysians will be able to read are sources backed by the authorities!”

After spending another 90 seconds mourning The Heat’s demise, Kevin switched over to read what was on Free Malaysia Today and Malay Mail Online hoping they too would not be soon be closed down by the government.

In a separate statement, a spokesman for Malaysiakini confirmed the portal wouldn’t need meddling foreign funds if readers subscribed.

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