Kids say Santa more believable than story about Saudi donor


MID VALLEY: With Christmas only weeks away, today Malaysian children were told the heartwarming tale of a magical unseen generous person.

“And so just before the last general election, this anonymous Saudi donor insisted our PM accept loads of money into his personal bank account and not tell anyone about it,” Malaysia’s Minister for Meddling Foreigner Funds told his captivated young audience, “and this money was not for the PM’s personal gain, but so all Malaysians could live happily ever after!”

“OK, so on Christmas Eve Santa flies around the world giving out presents,” asked 8-year-old Kevin, “who puts billions into one man’s personal bank account?  Why would someone do that and not give it to the government? Wouldn’t they expect something in return?”

“I hope Santa gives me a hoverboard this Christmas, but Mum says it will only happen if I’m good,” said 6-year-old Rachel, “but how good do you have to be to get RM2.6Billion?”

“I want to believe the PM, but I’m sticking with Santa.  At least he shows up at Mid Valley on weekends!  Has anyone seen this donor guy? I think he’s an official secret!”

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