Govt forms task force to tackle why we have so many committees


PUTRAJAYA:  The government was on high alert this week after a civil service think-tank projected by 2057, every Malaysian man, woman and child, would end up on a some sort of government committee.

“Given committee growth is progressing much faster than population growth, there may come a day we don’t have enough people to support our committee meetings,” said a source, “given this troubling possibility, we formed a new task force to tackle the issue!”

Committee growth has been so rampant some Malaysians have been
Committee growth in Malaysia is so rampant, anybody can suddenly find themselves on one, as surprise Economic Committee member Datuk Seri Nazir Razak discovered last year.

“Malaysians love a good committee, especially the ones that provide free lunches,” said a Putrajaya insider, “With our price control committees, GST implementation committees, economic crisis committees, religious conversion committees, NGO funding committees, environmental impact committees, TPP impact committees, unity committees, fiscal spending committee and SOSMA review committees, Malaysia has one of the highest committee per capita ratios in the world!”

Sources close to the PM have confirmed the new task force to investigate government committees is on track to fulfill its objectives and has already formed several break out working panels, two round table discussions and a sub-committee.

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