After tracking website removal, Bomohs begin search for PM’s plane

KLIA:  Malaysians frustrated by their inability to find the Prime Minister’s Airbus No. 9M-NAA after its removal from plane tracking website received assistance from an unexpected source today.

“Raja Bomoh Sedunia Ibrahim Mat Zin is offering his exclusive flight tracking services today at discounted rates,” an aide of the internationally famous bomoh told reporters, “you can opt for the basic bamboo binocular, fish trap locator package to confirm if 9M-NAA is in the air or on land, or for a more precise location, PM plane seekers can opt for the deluxe coconut magic carpet upgrade!”

It is understood authorities requested 9M-NAA be removed from flight tracking websites to save the PM from having to explain his habit of golfing overseas instead of consoling east coast flood victims.

“I hope the PM didn’t find those Gold Coast golf courses too challenging,” said a Terengganu man watching his car float away, “from what I hear, those water hazards can be a real bitch!”

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