Angered by pro-Mahathir twin towers outfit, govt demands Miss Universe dress as MRT

KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysia’s Kiran Jassal came under fire for her controversial outfit choice last night after she unveiled her entry into the flamboyant Miss Universe national costume contest.

“Clearly Designers Rizman Nordin and Wan Ruzaini Wan Jamil are making some sort of subtle pro-Mahathirist statement by dressing our lovely Kiran Jassal as the twin towers,” said a government spokesman, “why not create a national outfit that celebrates our current Prime Minister’s many accomplishments?”

With the 65th Miss Universe pageant in Manila only weeks away, the Rizaman Ruzaini design team were seen hastily brainstorming alternative costume ideas such as an outfit made of BR1M cheques, and an MRT costume.

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