Nation relieved despite rampant civil servant corruption, leaders remain squeaky clean

MALAYSIA:  Reeling from almost daily revelations of rampant graft in the civil service, today the rakyat took comfort knowing that despite suffering from an epidemic of corrupt Datuks, MARA, Sports and Rural Development officials, the theft of public monies by those entrusted to serve the people only goes ‘so high’, and all our senior cabinet ministers and their well-connected families remain as clean as a crystal mountain spring.

“I’m not exactly sure where the cutoff point is, but I can confirm once a civil servant rises to a certain level of seniority, it makes them above wrongdoing of any kind,” explained taxpayer funds wastage analyst Abdullah Bin Bakar, “with key Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigators retiring or being reassigned, it’s a waste of what’s left expecting them to investigate senior officials who by definition never abuse their positions.”

“Of course, the alternative to corruption ‘topping out’ before it reaches senior government ranks is the nightmare scenario of living in a country whose checks and balances become so compromised, its top leaders end up shamelessly insisting lower-ranking civil servants to ‘do as I say, not do as I do’.  We really dodged a bullet with that one!”

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