BR1M not a bribe but handy for staging pre-election photo ops

PUTRAJAYA:  Today Barisan National experts confirmed while 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) is not a bribe, staging orchestrated handouts in front of the media, hasn’t exactly hurt the PM’s popularity with voters.

“BR1M is all about helping the needy, and nobody is more needy when it comes to needing to keep his job, than the Prime Minister,” a source confirmed, “if the press publish photos of our leader ‘solving problems’ and handing out money, it’s only a happy coincidence if it helps him win an early election.”

Opposition critics have insisted politicising welfare entitlements like BR1M gives an encumbant government an unfair advantage.  As a counterbalance, they suggest the media publish photographs of Najib collecting GST payments on behalf of the government.

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