MACC Offering Bribes To Civil Servants Who Report Bribes

PETALING JAYA:  Deputy chief commissioner Datuk Shamsun Bahrin Mohd Jamil confirmed Malaysian’s Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) would offer kickbacks to whistle-blowers reporting civil servants accepting them.

“I keep the MACC hotline on post-it-note stuck to my computer monitor,” said administrative executive, Nor, “I called last week to report Hisham in accounts after I spotted him receiving a RM1000 bribe, but it was just another MACC officer giving out “rewards” for a RM1000 bribe he reported.”

It is rumoured MACC quickly downgraded the Sabah water scandal from graft to only money laundering to avoid paying a whistle-blower RM55 Million.

“This bribery to stop bribery programme is based on the theory civil servants aren’t honest custodians of public funds, and will only do the right thing if we offer them cash rewards coming from public funds to do so,” a MACC spokesman explained.

“What’s disappoints investigators is only 0.01% of civil servants are reporting graft.  Sadly lower-ranking employees worry about going after their corrupt big bosses in fear of losing their jobs.   As MACC officers reporting to the Prime Minister’s Department, it’s a problem we officially know nothing about!”

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