Man Seriously Thinking About Removing Plastic Car Seat Covers From ’86 Proton Saga

KERTEH:  Today keropok quality inspector, Abdullah Bin Bakar shocked his family and friends by announcing he is seriously thinking of removing the manufacturer’s protective plastic seat covers from the backseat of his beloved 1986 Proton Saga.

“The time has come,” read Abdullah in a statement to local reporters, “I love my Saga, but it’s not my only car anymore.  I only use this one occasionally now when I need to drive downhill.”

“This is a real surprise,” said one neighbor, “All these years I thought he had just driven home from the Proton showroom and now I find out it’s actually an old car.   If he does go ahead and removes the plastic, I might do the same to my 1993 Proton Iswara.  You can’t really see the plastic seat covers under all the stuffed animals, pink cushions and crocheted tissue boxes, but it makes me happy knowing they’re there.”

A spokesman for Proton however had a warning for drivers of their classic cars, “removing plastic seat covers on a 25-year-old motor could affect the structural integrity of the vehicle.  Our engineers are currently studying the possibility these plastic seat covers have settled and may be load bearing.”

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