Govt warns Mara: Removing someone to make way for impartial probe not how we do things

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today the Prime Minister’s Office gave Mara a stern warning for going against standard government protocols and actually suspending somebody senior to make way for an independent probe into alleged funds abuse.

“Tan Sri Annuar Musa may now be on leave from Mara, but he is still UMNO Information Chief,” a PMO spokesman confirmed, “he should be given the rights and privileges of others in his position,”

“If Malaysia started suspending senior officials for misusing funds, most of us including the PM wouldn’t be here.   Annuar should be allowed to appoint his own task-force and clear himself of wrongdoing, though we understand calling for the arrest of the whistle blower who outed him would be impossible in this case.”

While the remaining Mara committee members have yet to respond to the PMO, it is understood they are secretly furious with Annuar for spending funds on football instead of over-priced Australian properties like they normally do.

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