Political blogger proves point with unflattering photo

MALAYSIA:  Today aficionados of Malaysia’s colourful political bloggersphere, agreed the writers made bullet-proof arguments against the opposition or government when they used unflattering photographs to ‘vilify’ the personalities involved.

“Nothing sells a good smear piece like a terrible photo.  The pieces just write themselves!” explained veteran political blogger, Abdullah bin Bakar posting a photo of Lim Kit Siang losing it in front of a TV3 reporter to argue his case the DAP leader is going to turn the nation into a living hell should the opposition win GE14.

“I always knew Anwar was shifty, and this photo of him looking sideways just proves it!” a reader agreed, “this picture shows he can’t be trusted and obviously has no business ever being PM!”

However, a source close to the Anwar camp regretted the unflattering photo, “we warned Anwar about his lunchtime sup daging habit.  He must have gotten some lodged in his teeth, and with no picks available, spent an entire 2012 PKR press briefing trying to dislodge it in front of photographers!”

A Cabinet insider explained the problem wasn’t confined to the opposition, recalling a famous 2010 photo of the Prime Minister apparently biting his nails and shitting himself in the face of the Scorpene submarine scandal.

“What a horrible day for the Prime Minister’s manicurist to take the day off,” he reflected, “who hasn’t had an irritating hang nail that needs taking care of and now thanks to pro-opposition bloggers this photo will haunt Najib for years.”

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