DOJ to M’sian IGP: Sorry about N. Korea. It really sucks when people say your probe is a conspiracy!

WASHINGTON:  Today, a spokesman for the US Department of Justice kleptocracy division sympathised with Malaysian police who were told by North Korean authorities they would not accept the results of their investigation into the murder of Kim Jong-un’s half brother.

“Yes we here at the US DoJ know only too well when a crime is committed involving foreigners in your country, local authorities should be trusted to investigate without being accused of being part of some ‘international conspiracy,’” a US DoJ spokesman remarked dryly.

“We US investigators are still waiting for cooperation from a SE Asian country concerning a money laundering case.  They say only their own local Auditor General can be trusted even if the evidence obtained by his foreign counterparts indicate a crime took place!   These international criminal investigations can really suck!”

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