Jho Low Wins Oscar For Role In ‘Hidden Figures’


HOLLYWOOD:   Malaysian-born Jho Low has won an Oscar for best supporting role in the lavish Malaysian taxpayer-financed, international production of 1MDB’s ‘Hidden Figures’ today.   The playboy overcame serious competition from Chinese, Nigerian and Ugandan ‘balance sheet figure hiders’ to win the gold.

“Jho Low’s star has shone brightly for several years but until recent international investigations was overlooked,” said Oscar watcher Dick Powers, “this year he’s taken home several Oscars including ‘best supporting role in a foreign feature,’ and ‘best original score’ for his US$700mil Goldstar performance in the 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture.”

Oscar nominated ‘Lala Land’ has disappointed Malaysian film goers expecting a movie about hawker centre favorites.

“Jho Low, this inexplicably wealthy young man known for his lavish partying, private jets, yachts and token philanthropy embodies the Hollywood lifestyle, and with the FBI taking an interest, I hope he finally gets the recognition he deserves!”

“It’s disappointing to hear Jho Low won’t be performing at any Malaysian 1MDB inquiries for the foreseeable future,” said Power, “I’m sure many would have loved to see if he can win an award for ‘best original story!’”

‘Hidden Figures’ an Oscar nominated film about NASA’s brilliant mathematicians is coincidentally also the name of a PAS-funded film about women’s dress codes.

‘The Big Short’ was almost banned in Malaysia last year after censors mistakenly believed the title was an insult to our First Lady.


Jho Low thanked the academy, his ‘big boss’ and her husband for his gold Oscar trophies before putting them up for auction at Sotheby’s along with his art collection.

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