Staff sitting through corporate training warn lunch better be good

PENANG:   After sitting through yet another hour of long-winded presentations, the employees of Hia Today Bhd remained hopeful the hotel hosting their motivational corporate training this year would put on a decent lunch.

“Value centred leadership, quality performance indicators, something something agility, OK I get it, but are we eating at the hotel buffet or are we only getting tea with curry puffs?” Sales Engineer John Peng wondered to himself as he tried to read the small print on the 132nd overly complicated Power Point slide of the morning.

“We’ve noticed a direct correlation between staff motivation and training session lunch sizes,” explained Sales Director Alex Ham,  “I remember several valuable employees quit the year we tried in-house workshops with only mee hoon and egg sandwiches!”

Productivity experts agree training session lunch buffets not only boost employee morale, but will also cure attendees of any sleep disorders they suffer between 2 and 4pm.

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