Malaysian censors say gay character spoiled family friendly tale of female abduction

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian censors defended their decision to indefinitely postpone the new Disney live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, a heartwarming  tale involving female abduction, slavery and dancing with a buffalo, on account of one gay character ruining the entire family friendly movie.

“There’s nothing wrong about enjoying a wholesome movie suggesting young girls will fall in love with their captors if they just imprison them long enough, but this flamboyant Le Fou character played by Josh Gad is setting a bad example for Malaysia’s impressionable youth!” explained movie character sexual preference expert, Abdullah bin Bakar.

“If you want to see a nicer, Disney movie that has nothing to do with gays why not watch Finding Dory?  It’s voiced by that funny female TV show host with the short hair and pantsuits!”

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