‘Buffering’ Harapan logo symbolizes long wait for coalition to get its shit together


KUALA LUMPUR:   Today supporters voiced their approval of a proposed Pakatan Harapan coalition logo featuring a buffering symbol.

“This buffering Harapan logo symbolises the seemingly endless wait for the opposition to go beyond individual members highlighting the government’s kleptocracy, and provide details of coalition policies to boost the economy, strategy to form a capable shadow cabinet, and nominate their PM candidate,” explained political coalition logo analyst, Wai Yu Hia.

PAS delegates at last week’s muktamar showed their disapproval of one west coast member’s suggestion they join the Pakatan alliance by flying their flags upside down.

With the possibility GE14 will be announced soon, opposition experts remain confident of victory thanks to their ‘secret weapon’, Invoke.   This election-winning, game-changing voter targeting, big data analytics weapon is a carefully guarded secret shared only between a handful of Pakatan insiders as well as Bloomberg, South China Morning Post, Malay Mail, Free Malaysia Today, fundraiser attendees, and anyone with an internet connection.

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