PAS Calls For Melbourne Airport Alcohol Ban

PETALING JAYA:  Today PAS members called for a complete alcohol ban at all Australian airports after it was revealed the drunk mental patient who tried to ‘blow up’ flight MH128 was already intoxicated when he boarded the plane.

“MH128 departed Melbourne airport at 11:11PM Wednesday night with the hijacking attempt concurring at 11:28PM, only minutes after takeoff,” explained PAS long-haul air travel beverage analyst Faisal Muhktar,

“There’s no way MAS cabin staff could have served any alcoholic drinks in the first ten minutes before he attempted to enter the cockpit.  If the mental patient was indeed drunk as reported, then it’s clearly the fault of the Melbourne Tullamarine airport bar who served the would-be hijacker a few gin and tonics before takeoff!”

Some Aussie beer drinkers have praised the role alcoholic drinks had in the unsuccessful MH128 hijacking arguing if the mental passenger wasn’t so hammered, he might have remembered to bring an actual bomb, or at least a Galaxy Note 7.

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