New SPAD Chair Isa Samad Announces Major Investment In Fidget Spinners


KUALA LUMPUR:  Tan Sri Isa Samad wasted no time after assuming the Chairmanship of The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) today, by announcing the Commission would be investing heavily to corner the lucrative global Fidget Spinner market.

“Felda Global Ventures lost RM13.4 Billion in shareholder value after RM850million worth of questionable money-losing ventures including an Abu Dhabi food manufacturer, a creamery and a UK nano-tech startup,” a source confirmed,  “as a result, Isa is more determined than ever to prove himself by investing millions to ensure Malaysia’s SPAD becomes the world’s ‘go-to source’ of Fidget Spinners.”

While some SPAD board-members have expressed concern over the sustainability of the Fidget Spinner market, sources close to Isa have advised one only has to look at Rainbow Looms and Pokemon Go to know the Fidget Spinner market still has plenty of upside.

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