DoJ Begs Viewers To Stop Returning ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ DVDs

WASHINGTON:  The U.S. Justice Department in a public statement today said there was no need for victims who had suffered through the poorly received, Red Granite produced, ‘Dumb and Dumber Too’ movie to hand their DVDs over to US prosecutors.

“The DoJ is thankful to Miranda Kerr and Leonardo Dicaprio for returning jewelry and gifts allegedly paid for with laundered 1MDB funds, but the same does not apply to unnecessary Malaysian-produced movie sequels!”

“With our Red Granite DVD landfill almost at capacity, it’s clear the department has underestimated the enthusiastic response to those seeking justice from the Malaysian kleptocracy probe.  Even people who normally stream movies are buying DVD copies to hand over to to the US DoJ!”

However unsatisfied film watchers returning their Dumb and Dumber Too DVDs insisted they were not aware the film was funded by Malaysian taxpayers, only making it was clearly a crime.

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