N. Korea Backs Hadi – Agree Only Nationals Can Investigate Crimes Committed Abroad


PYONGYANG:  PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who recently urged foreign powers not to meddle in Malaysia’s 1MDB even if it involved nationals committing crimes in their own foreign countries, found unlikely support today in the form of a mandatory-to-watch 1:00pm special broadcast on North Korean state television.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea strongly agrees with this statement by Hadi Awang alerted to us by our Kuala Lumpur-based ‘expatriates’ who are officially, not spies,” read veteran announcer, Bon-Chon Choi.

“As with Malaysia’s 1MDB, if a crime involving nationals occurs abroad, it’s best for local authorities to stand aside, and not meddle by revealing what foreigners are doing on their soil.”

“North Korea hopes next time there is an unfortunate incident implicating our nationals in a Malaysian airport, Malaysia will remember to leave the criminal investigations to Pyongyang!”

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