Molesting Cardboard Shell Models Completely Normal Say Doll Owners


TOKYO:   Japanese Hiroki Fook and girlfriend Mayu Lovebot#34578 today defended the Malaysians recently photographed in compromising positions with Shell station cutout models.

“My doll is the love of my life so I understand these Malaysian men,” said Hiroki in a statement, “there’s nothing unhealthy about getting intimate with a cardboard cutout.  Who can blame someone for becoming turned on at a sexy venue like a petrol station?”

“Like the Malaysian Shell station men, I  started off with cardboard, but discovered it’s worth upgrading to the US$6000 rubber love doll deluxe after a few unfortunate couples baths.”

However doll enthusiast Masaji wasn’t so supportive, “feeling up a Shell cutout while filling up your car?  That sounds a bit perverted.  At least take her out to dinner first!”

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