Retiring IGP Receives Congratulatory Calls From Well Wishers And Protection Racket Suspects


KUALA LUMPUR: After announcing his retirement, sources close to Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar reported the outgoing Inspector-General of Police was touched by the many family friends who may, or may not be, protection racket suspects who took the time to call and personally wish him ‘all the best’ this morning.

“Khalid is a popular man. I doubt he will be lonely in retirement,” a source who had attended the announcement reported, noting the IGP’s handphone lit up numerous times to announce yet another ‘family friend’  like MACC-suspect, Gopinathan Krishnan,  who may, or may not be, gathering cash from illegal casinos and massage parlours on behalf of the police as part of an extortion racket, was trying to reach him personally as he had previously done, to wish him a happy retirement.

It is understood the new IGP will be Tan Sri Noor Rashid, despite rumours Khalid’s job will be performed by Tweet Bots.

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