Realistic Male Sex Robot Rolls Over And Goes To Sleep After 2 Minutes

BUTTERWORTH: Local tech startup Hia Today Bhd, unveiled Malaysia’s entry into the burgeoning love doll industry today with the release of a hyper-realistic male sex robot designed to make its users feel the pleasures of having a man in their lives.

“The him-bot X300 or ‘Stephen’ as we like to call him, is based on studying hundreds of typical men,” explained Hia Today product manager, David Low, “he’s programmed to realistically roll over and fall asleep after 2 sexy minutes leaving its users completely unsatisfied!”

“The love doll also has a family mode where the male robot plays with his handphone at the dinner table. It’s ideal for users with children who want to integrate him into the family.”

It’s important not to mention it the next day if your male robot has difficulty lasting the full two minutes, it’ll only give him a complex!


“‘Stephen’ is so realistic he will connect to a WiFi network and call up his male robot friends to brag about how awesome he was in bed last night!”

For male customers, Hia Today is currently developing a realistic female sex robot which has a headache.

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