Artists Exhibit Pakatan GE14 Victory Hellscapes At Umno Assembly

KUALA LUMPUR: Local artists have unveiled a new exhibition at the entrance of the Umno General Assembly today giving delegates a taste of what awaits the nation should the DAP-lead Pakatan Harapan coalition succeed in toppling BN at the next General Election.

“Many in the pro-government artistic community felt yesterday’s cartoons didn’t go far enough in portraying the hellscape Malaysia will become if the government loses to its enemies and the rakyat exercise their democratic right to try another government for four years,” explained painter Abdullah bin Bakar hanging his ten foot oil canvas depicting voters fleeing fire spewing DAP members on a barren landscape engulfed in flames.

“It’s hard to imagine just how bad things will get if the government is toppled,” wept a Umno wanita delegate viewing a post-BN nasi lemak painting tragically served without sambal or condiments.

“All races will be marginalised, the country will be bankrupt, foreigners will control everything, the economy will collapse, laksa will lose its flavour and traffic will be so bad, once you get home, it’ll be time to leave for work again!”

This painting dubbed ‘Malaysia regardless of who wins GE14’ was deemed too controversial to be displayed at the exhibition

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