Govt Asks Robert Kuok For 30% Share Of Memoir Profits

HONG KONG: With copies of Robert Kuok’s memoir reportedly selling out across Asia, Malaysian officials have requested the 94-year-old tycoon allocate a share of the book’s proceeds to the government.

“We initially had no plans to take a 30% share of the book,” Malaysian International Trade and Biography spokesman, Abdullah Abu Bakar confessed, “but the Robert Kuok Memoirs seem to be outselling government endorsed biographies such as 2010’s ‘Fabulous FLOM Facelifts’ and last year’s poorly received, ‘The Wit And Wisdom Of Ahmad Maslan’ which due to what we imagine was a printing error, was produced as a book of blank pages.”

With the billionaire yet to reply to the request, one trade official remarked, “it shouldn’t take too long for Mr. Kuok to decide, after all his decades doing Malaysian business, you would think he’d be used to this sort of thing by now!”

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