Stop Talking Politics Or We’ll Start Singing, Artistes Warned

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian entertainers like iconic singer Sheila Majid who recently tweeted about the rising costs of living have been warned if they insist on meddling in politics, Malaysian MPs will retaliate by releasing cover versions of their most famous songs.

“Do audiences and Sheila herself really want Ku Nan or Shahrizat singing renditions of ‘Sinaran?’ It would be a nightmare!” an Umno Information Ministry spokesman explained,

“These talented artistes are wonderful at performing but they need to stay in their lane,” he said, “politics is not their field. If they praise the government to their thousands of social media followers before an election, then yes, of course, it is then their field, but when they criticise, it isn’t their field.”

“A successful singer living on cloud 9 like Sheila Majid can’t relate to common Malaysians and shouldn’t talk about the falling ringgit, the affordability of food and how the country is run.  Leave the bread and butter discussions to our ‘in touch’ politicians like the PM who is so in touch, he can relate to the struggles of common people despite not noticing SRC international deposited RM42 Million into his bank account!”

In response to the warning, local crooner Kid Kangkung wasted no time tweeting to his fans, ‘Great job PM. The economy is going great!’ after which he confessed, “I hope this tweet gets me an RTM gig.  With the economy the way it is, I need all the work I can get!”

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