M’sia Very Liveable Says Expat On RM40K Monthly Salary

NATION: Malaysians struggling to make ends meet had their spirits lifted this week after an InterNations report confirmed expatriates earning RM40K a month or more somehow found the country one of the world’s best places to live.

“Wow, according to the report, ‘ease of settling’ in KL has risen from 18th to 5th best in the world.  I wonder why?”  an underpaid Malaysian asked,

“It’s the friendliness of the local people, the excellent international schools, and the climate,” said one expat sipping a single roast coffee latté over his Sunday brunch,

The expat continued talking about the delicious food, beautiful beaches and fascinating cultural diversity which his friends all knew was more polite than reminding the locals there his US dollar salary gets him 20% more ringgit than it did a few years ago.

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