Azwan Ali To Star In New TV3 Sitcom ‘How I Screwed My Brother’

KUALA LUMPUR:  The entertainment industry was buzzing with excitement this evening after show business rumours hinted TV celebrity, Azwan Ali will soon be starring in his own TV3 sitcom.

“Many of us had dismissed Azwan as a talentless girly man, but there’s something about his attention-seeking UMNO supporting reality TV performances lately that really caught my eye,” said talent scout, Abdullah bin Bakar.

“The sitcom, ‘How I Screwed My Brother’ is the hilarious story of a sidelined comedic actor using a political party’s desperate need to remove his brother from politics as a way to revive his flagging TV career!  It’s a laugh riot!”

While TV3 are not sure how popular the ‘How I Screwed My Brother’ sitcom will be, executives were hopeful after seeing Azwan’s recent MACC audition.


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