How About We Come To Your Work To Only Walk In Aircon? Yell Struggling Mall Operators

KLANG VALLEY: Today the nation’s shopping mall operators vented their frustrations at the fact retail footfall traffic is better than ever despite falling retail sales.

“So you like come to the mall to cuci mata issit?” yelled Mid Valley Retail Analyst, Wai Yu Hia, “how about we come to your place of business to only walk around for hours in the air conditioning your blasting out without buying? How about we all go secretly take pictures of the stuff you’re trying to sell to buy cheaper on Lazada later.  How would you like that?”

“Hey look, we built a giant snowman, jumpy castle, a kids fairyland and a dozen 50 foot Christmas trees with blinking lights so you can take a selfie then eat a RM10 claypot rice in the food court before going home without buying anything.   Are you not entertained?  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

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