AirAsia Introduces Stewardess Uniform Arousal Class

SEPANG: Today world-class budget airline AirAsia Berhard announced a new travel class option in response to recent parliamentary debates about flight crew uniforms.

“Our new ‘Arousal Class’ is aimed at travelers who like Senator Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin find AirAsia stewardess uniforms make their ‘cabin members’ cruise at higher altitudes than their wives would like,” explained AirAsia customer service executive, Shaunvinder Singh,

“Our Arousal Class passengers will be given eye protection from the charms of our attractive stewardesses before being escorted onboard by a male steward.  We will insist you be seated separately from other female passengers to ensure your landing gear stays retracted.   Finally, drinks will be suspended for Arousal Class passengers to ensure they aren’t tempted to get up to any mischief in the bathroom!”

“However if you worry the scent of perfume from a scantily dressed Australian backpacker seated nearby might give you a case of ‘trouser turbulence,’ we suggest you splash out on our Comatose Class upgrade.  This entails one of our AirAsia anaesthetists putting you under at the check-in counter and then (hopefully) reviving you at the destination arrival gate, thus removing you from all temptations!  You’re welcome!”

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