Yemenis Dodging Saudi Airstrikes Laud PM’s Palestine Rally

SAAD PROVINCE: Today Yemeni Muslims caught in the crossfire proxy war between suspected Iran-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed Yemeni government took time out from the conflict to laud Malaysian political parties Umno and PAS for their commitment to upholding the rights of all suffering Muslims at their Jerusalem rally today in Putrajaya.

“Thank God Malaysia’s PM and PAS are championing the plight of Palestinian civilians and the sanctity of Islam,” said one of the three million Muslim Yemeni civilians rendered hungry and homeless in addition to the 2.4 million refugees who have fled the warzone since the conflict began in 2015,

“Malaysia and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are doing a great job pushing back against the US unilateral decision to relocate its Israeli embassy, especially when there are clearly no other Muslim humanitarian crises demanding world attention!” said a Yemeni woman hoping the US-armed Saudis won’t launch another airstrike or Houthi fighters won’t seize her hometown near Taiz.

“I’m just glad Najib and his friends are not selectively grandstanding to win favour with voters ahead of a general election!” said a hungry man lamenting Saudi’s decision to frustrate the Houthi by closing all land, sea and airports obstructing food, water and humanitarian assistance to millions despite the presence of Malaysian ‘peacekeeping’ troops. I bet there’s no cause Malaysia’s PM and PAS wouldn’t get behind if it meant upholding Muslim human rights!”

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