PM Not Responsible for Felda Land Cockup But Blame For BNM Forex Losses Go All The Way To The Top

PUTRAJAYA: Exhaustive investigations into Felda land scandal and Bank Negara Malaysia forex losses have exposed a dramatic shift in the way the nation was governed in the 80’s compared with the current administration, it was revealed today.

“Malaysians can all agree when it comes to Felda, the PM is not at all responsible for the money squandered on the mysterious handing over of RM270million of land in a dubious transaction,” explained buck stops analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar, “any Felda transactions signed off to the detriment of Felda investos were made by incompetent underlings without the Prime Minister’s knowledge and so we can absolve Najib of all responsibility for this cockup.”

“However, when it comes to the billions lost in the Bank Negara Malaysia forex scandal, underlings such as cabinet minister of the time, Najib Razak remain blameless because he was misled

“This is because unlike today, in the 80’s, responsibility for billion ringgit losses ultimately rests solely on the shoulders of the Prime Minister in charge at the time, when it comes to scandals, where the buck stops depends on which PM we’re talking about!”

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