Opposition Launches Maafcoin Cryptocurrency

NATION: In what is being hailed as a world first, Pakatan Harapan blockchain experts announced trading in their new apology-based cryptocurrency today.

“The Maafcoin came about when it was revealed Dr Mahathir’s allies and enemies had a strong desire to trade in the former Prime Minister’s recent apology,” a Part Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) spokesman explained,

“I’ve bought a few thousand Maafcoins and it looks like it’ll be a wild ride!” said speculative voter, Abdullah bin Bakar, “after Tun launched his apology Maafcoin, they quickly rose tenfold, then the market nosedived after he devalued the crypto hours later by claiming it was only a ‘Malay custom.’”

However, experts warned against going ‘all in’ when investing in the new Maafcoin cryptocurrency,

“There’s no way to know the true value of a Maafcoin, they might be worth a fortune after GE14, or they could turn out to be completely worthless, there’s no way to tell. We suggest you add a little Maafcoin to your portfolio, but watch them very closely, as the market for them is very volatile!”

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