Revenge A Dish Best Served Old

KUALA LUMPUR: Days after he was unanimously chosen to lead the opposition into the 14th general election, many opposition supporters are still struggling to accept the best interim Prime Ministerial candidate to bring about essential democratic reforms is a 92-year-old former self-confessed, ‘benevolent dictator.’

“It’s not uncommon for politicians to defer retirement if they’re comfortably riding in the first class carriage of a lavish gravy train,” said nonagenarian former premier reelection analyst, Dr. Abdullah bin Bakar, “but it is baffling how an invigorated Tun Dr. Mahathir has the energy to go after his political enemies when most men at his age would prefer conquering some bubur lambak.  Tun’s comeback seems to be a case of revenge is a dish served old!”

“When it comes to Mahathir tackling Judicial reforms, it could be argued the best PM to lead us out of the manure is the PM who put us in it,” a Pakatan strategist explained, “Barisan supporters should sympathise, they’re doing the exact same thing with Najib and 1MDB!”

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