KL Malls To Outnumber Shoppers by 2040

KLANG VALLEY: Jubilant Property Developers have confirmed at the current pace of retail construction by 2040, each KL resident will have their own private shopping mall to visit.

“It’s an exciting time in the retail sector as mall traffic dwindles while the number of new malls opening increases each year,” explained Hia Today Developments Bhd. CEO, Kelvin Yap, “we’re rapidly approaching the utopian time when the number of shoppers and air-conditioned megamalls converge in a moment we’re calling ‘The Retail Singularity,’”

“Imagine the convenience of visiting your own private mall.  Finding good parking or a table in the food court couldn’t be easier.  However, with everyone out shopping in their own malls finding someone to serve you may be a problem.”

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