Cold Weather Causes Peninsula Shrinkage

MALAYSIA: MetMalaysia called for calm today as concerned motorists using the North-South Highway have reported reaching their destinations earlier than expected.

“I thought Waze was playing up but I reached Johor after leaving KL just two hours ago,” said one driver, “my odometer says the journey was 270KM but I remember it being further than that!”

“Comparing satellite images taken this week and last indicate the current cold snap has caused a temporary case of ‘peninsula shrinkage,’” explained meteorologist, Dr. Abdullah bin Bakar,

“It’s no different to what happens to your own ‘private headland’ once you get out of a cold swimming pool.  It’s completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of!”

Malaysia has promised a smirking Vietnam the embarrassing shrinkage will go away once it warms a little.

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