Heroes Sell Nasi Lemak Due To Shortage Of Villain Opportunities

MALAYSIA – Today the government reminded Malaysians not to look down on qualified superheroes who despite their considerable powers sold nasi lemak by the roadside.

“There’s no shame in costumed individuals driving Grabcars or selling nasi lemak.  The nation is producing more and more qualified heroes yet there are only so many supervillain battle positions available,” an economic expert explained.

“I thought there would be more goblins and octopus-powered villains,” said a spider hero posing with customers at his ‘with great power comes great nasi lemak’ stall, “hard to believe I spent all that time mastering chemistry and web fluid to do a job I could have worked at before I powered up.”

While most Malaysians agree there’s no shame in selling delicious nasi lemak, critics argue if superheroes do it full-time it’s a tragic waste of radioactive spiders and Ironman armour!”

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