God Sends Flood To Punish #UndiRosak Movement

KLANG VALLEY:  Religious experts on both sides of the political divide have confirmed this evening’s torrential rain and flooding is actually a sign from God that the #UndiRosak (spoilt vote) campaign is harmful to the democratic process.

“The whole nation is struggling to come up with an analogy to get these disillusioned #UndiRosak supporters to choose the least undesirable PM for the next electoral cycle,” explained political commentator Joseph Yap, “it’s like a painful choice between Coke and Pepsi, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, watching Flatliners or the Emoji Movie, catching gonorrhea or herpes.”

While the punishing floods have hit #UndiRosak supporters hard, it was reported BN and Pakatan voters have also suffered its devastating effects, much like what critics believe #UndiRosak could do in the coming election.

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