Nestle To Make Milo Healthier By Adding More Athletic Pictures Per Average Serving

KUALA LUMPUR: Today Milo maker Nestle responded to online critics suggesting sweet chocolate powder might be bad for you by vowing to increase the number of sportspeople printed on an average packet serving.

“Currently Malaysians are getting the health benefits of only one soccer player, gymnast or footballer picture per Milo can or packet.  Nestle can double that and make sweet Milo energy drinks even healthier,” a Nestle spokesman confirmed,”

“With Milo dinosaur drinking Malaysians as the world’s largest consumers who happen to have the world’s largest Milo factory in Chembong Negeri Sembilan, we’re still wondering why Malaysians aren’t the world’s healthiest,”

Nestle has promised to step up their KFC and school breakfast programmes along with their sponsorship of athletic sporting events until things improve.

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