Report: Disadvantaged M’sian Children Forced To Eat Meals Without Ipads


KUALA LUMPUR:  A study conducted by parental experts has revealed the alarming statistic that thousands of Malaysian Children are struggling through their meals without a tablet screen to blankly stare at.

“These are very damning results,” said toddler screentime expert, Abdullah bin Bakar, “it means thousands of potential hours of video watching time is being wasted while children  just eat and talk to their parents,”

“Many of these disadvantaged kids have no choice but to develop conversational skills with other family members at the dining table!” he told reporters while checking his WhatsApp for messages, “how will this prepare them for later life?”


A father gently weans his son off reality to prepare for his life of retina screen gazing.
Parents Tip – If your child can’t stop binging on reality, you may need to limit their non-screen time.


“My two-year-old is not allowed to eat unless he sits through a Sponge Bob episode or rote learning cartoon,” said a responsible mother.  The boy has problems sleeping and twitches a lot from over-stimulation, but I’m not worried.  There must be an App I can download that will calm him down!”


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