After Seeing How Ex Looks Now, MLTR Singer Says Lucky He Was 25 Minutes Too Late

COPENHAGEN: After a chance encounter in a local cafe recently, singer-songwriter Jascha Richter from Danish soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock admitted he had come to terms with the ex-girlfriend who married someone else in the 90s.

“There’s no polite way to say this, but after seeing Mathilde for the first time since I saw her standing in front of the church in her wedding dress, well, my first impression was the years have not been kind,” Richter said in a statement,

“I hardly recognised Mathilde with her hair cut so short, and it looks like her cheese addiction really took its toll on her figure.  I shudder thinking I would be married to Mathilde today if only I placed the church higher up on my list of places in town to search for her all those years ago.”

“We cried a lot at the time, but after seeing the horror she’s become I think I really dodged a bullet back then!”

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