Using Signal Only Helps Enemies Cut You Off, Drivers Warn

signal light

PETALING JAYA:  A local driver who instinctively used his indicator light to signal his intention to move into the right lane of the North-South Highway this morning has regretted his decision.

“I had half my attention on WhatsApp when I accidentally triggered the signal as I changed lanes,” said the driver wishing not to be named, “within seconds the Myvi to the right of me sped up to cut me off!”

“Indicator lights seem to only be useful for flashing hazard warnings in heavy rain!  In a typical Malaysian holiday rush, all the signal does is let the enemy know your confidential lane changing plans!”

“I see so many idiots on Malaysian roads,” the motorist said in closing, “that’s why when they’re no speed cameras it’s best to drive as fast as possible to get away from them!”

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