Driver Too Impatient To Find Parking Space Expects You To Wait Until He Moves His Car

NATION: Today a driver whose time was way too precious to waste looking for a proper parking space not directly in front of the shoplot he was visiting, urged drivers blocked by his car to learn some patience until he gets round to moving his vehicle.

“These blocked cars need to learn I can’t always let them out right away,” said the driver expecting blocked cars to wait longer than the time it might have taken them to find proper parking around the corner,

“Loud honking is selfish and will only inconvenience others.  If you don’t feel like pushing my car with the handbrake off in your good work shoes then you’ll just have to wait until I get back!”

When the double parker did finally return without making eye contact to move his car, he silently urged the motorist he was blocking to hurry up out of what will be his new space because he hasn’t got all day.

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